Monday, November 10, 2008

Corpus Christi!!

Sooooo we went on vacation with Mom and Dad and Caitlin and it was delightful!

Friday we met my Aunt and Uncle and chilled out after the long drive.
Saturday, Joshua and I watched the sunrise on the beach, went fishing with Dad and Uncle Jim then the whole family went to the museum to see it and the Columbus Ships - replicas of the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria in which Christopher Columbus sailed to find the New World.
Sunday, Caitlin, Joshua and I played in the surf for a lonnnnng time and had an absolute BLAST body surfing. Lost my cute sandals, but it was worth it!
Monday we toured the Aircraft Carrier - USS Lexington, the Lady Lex, the elusive Blue Ghost. The longest serving Aircraft Carrier in US history! it's an awesome tour.
Tuesday Joshua and I went back to the beach but it was too cold to swim. We sunbathed but my beautiful tan lasted only 1 day.
Wednesday- I worked most of the day then we headed downtown to the marina to watch the sailboat regatta, we kinda missed the regatta but Caitlin and I saw a SEA TURTLE!! it's a rare sight so we were pretty excited.
Thursday - Beach plans foiled by clouds :-( but we got to leave early for Houston and spend more time with Grandma and Grandpa.
Friday - Had dinner with Uncle Boyd and mom and I worked quite late on a family project for Aunt Cheryl.
Saturday - lunch with grandpa and home again home again jiggity jog.

It was a fun trip although somewhat tiring because of the drive.We had AWESOME weather and spent lots of time with Mom, Dad, and Caitlin which was good so that they could get to know my Prince better.

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