Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My friends are adopting!

I have some friends who are adopting and are raising the money to pay for the costs. The family is adopting two orphaned children with HIV. If you can help it would go a long way!

iPad2 giveaway!!!

All donors from today, May 9, to midnight CST on May 26th will be entered to win!!!

$10 donation= 1 entry
$25 donation= 3 entries
$50 donation= 8 entries
$100 donation= 20 entries
$500 donation = 120 entries
$1000 donation= 250 entries

Ways to enter:
Through either of the links on the sidebar of the blog. Donations made through the Reece's Rainbow link are tax deductible and go to our family's adoption grant through Reece's Rainbow. Donations made through the ChipIn link go directly to our family's personal adoption account. Your online donation is secured through PayPal.

Share about our giveaway on your facebook page, personal blog or through email and you will receive additional entries for yourself!!
For each time you share about the giveaway on facebook you will receive 1 entry (you could do this daily!)
For writing a blog post about it you will receive 5 entries.
For posting our giveaway button on your blog sidebar you will receive 2 entries.
For sharing with your friends through email you will receive 3 entries.

If you SHARE by any of the methods listed above (or any other creative way you come up with) then please let me know by emailing me at