Monday, October 27, 2008

The day Erin found her Hunka burnin Man!

On a cold day in March when all I was out for was a good cup of coffee and a stimulating conversation with my friend Ben, I was pursued by a crazy mad woman of whom I quickly became intimidated.

It was the one weekend a month that I was in Norman and I had made arrangements to meet with Ben at around eight o'clock at Hastings. We came into the cafe, purchased our drinks, and sat down at the second table from the door thinking that we would discuss life and/or the typical theological things we were mulling over. But this night would soon change with the entrance of a young lady who was sitting but ten feet away at a nice cozy chair. She had been eavesdropping on our conversation and came over to plug for her business, but the real story was that she saw my smoking hotness and could not resist. We finished the short conversation and she retreated to her computer overcome by my presence.

A short while later she returned to tell us that she was off to pick a movie and headed home to her kitty, but after she had stood there fifteen minutes I invited her to take a chair. Not long after that Ben started feeling under the weather and excused himself and left Erin and I to discuss alone. Ultimately Hastings was closing down and we had to leave, but this would only be the beginning to a wonderful story that could have only be orchestrated by God himself! Now, 233 days later we are engaged to be married!


Erin said...

I wasn't eavesdropping!!

Joshua said...

were toooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Erin said...

Was NOT! I had head phones in. you were talking loudly. And it is certainly not 10 feet.

Anonymous said...

Now, children. Kiss and make nice.
I like Joshua's sense of humor so far. Sorry that I couldn't spend any time with him when you were in Sugar Land. Hope Uncle Boyd wasn't too boring. (Have you figured me out yet?)

Erin said...

Kiss and make nice? You got it Aunt Cheryl!

Uncle Boyd is never as boring as you and he think he is. We had a great time. except we missed you. See you soon!

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