Sunday, October 26, 2008

How We Met - Erin's story

On International Women's Day (March 8), my friend Sue and I decided to treat ourselves to Rusty's Frozen Custard. Having finished my treat, I headed to Hastings to work in their cafe with their free wi-fi. Just as I walked in, I spotted my friend Kris and we decided to sit together.

After a few hours these two guys walked in and as one was pulling out his chair to sit down he said "oh i'll go, and when I do, it'll be with the IMB". Now for some, this would make no sense, but the IMB is a missions organization. Sadly, it's pretty rare for a guy to make this sort of bold statement so I noted him but kept plugging along at work.

I had my headphones on and the guys were sitting maybe 25 feet away, but I could still hear a lot of their conversation because they were speaking so loudly. So the next phrase of note was concerning a support group to which we sometimes refer our clients.

Well, the website I work for still hasn't really taken off, so I went over to give this guy a card. He made sure that it was my direct line and my direct e-mail and asked some questions about the site. I went back to work.

After a few more hours, I was ready to pick my movie and head for home and my cutie-pie kitten. I packed up and headed over to those guys to remind them to look us up and they started asking where I was from and how long I'd lived in Norman. Sooooo, a movie with the kitten, or talk with what seemed like decent guys. The guys won out over the movie date with the kitten and we stayed there until about midnight despite the fact that Joshua would lose on hour of sleep (time change) in an already short night due to ANG drill.

In the end, Joshua carried my heavy computer bag all over the video dept while I picked a movie foolishly thinking that I'd still want to stay up to watch it. I got an old pink panther flick, but didn't watch it. I was suspicious of him wanting to carry my bag but in hindsight I can see that it's just his nature to open doors, carry bags, etc for everyone not just girls whom he's trying to impress.

That night, I got a facebook friend request with a sweet note that it's ok to refuse, if it's uncomfortable. The next day, we started video-chatting on skype and we've talked every day ever since.

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Well there are a few discrepancies, I guess that my memory would be better......I wonder why?

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